Welcome to the Central African Orchid database !

This database provides images and information about the orchids of Central Africa. It includes scientific names, distribution data, photos, web links, and references. The images presented here result from an intensive fieldwork carried out by the Université Libre de Bruxelles, the Université de Yaoundé I, the Missouri Botanical Garden and the Institut de Recherche pour le Développement in several countries of Central Africa (see team description). This information will promote land conservation and sound natural ressource management in tropical Africa. Its use for academic, educational, and general is also encouraged.

This interactive photographic guide can help you to identify orchid species from tropical Africa. The database currently comprises information on about 300 illustrated orchid species, many of them pictured in our African shadehouse network or in the field. In its initial phase it encompasses those species listed for central Africa in the World checklist of Orchidaceae of Kew Gardens, as well as those recorded by more recent publications and by our network of regional experts.

This database currently contains 1810 pictures of 371 taxa in 62 genera.

Copyright information and Citation:

The images made available here may be used freely for non-profit, educational purposes only, on the condition that complete citation information is given, as follows:

Droissart V., Simo-Droissart M., Sonké B., Geerinck D. & Stévart, (year of accession). Orchidaceae of Central Africa. http://www.orchid-africa.org/

Use in any copyrighted document or any web site is prohibited without explicit permission in writing from the photographer or the photographer's designated agent. Please look at the terms of use for more information.

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